Witt Baptist Church
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Bearing Witness of the Light - Jesus Christ

WItt Baptist Church History 1883-1976 and Additional History

The Witt Baptist Church Bi-Centennial Special History covers the time period from 1883 thru 1976.  It was written by the church historian Ms. Grace V. Rhoads It contains the history and development of Witt Baptist Church and lists the pastors and individuals that have worked to make the church a "light on a hill."  
Click the link below to access the pdf file.  Give it a few minutes to load, because it is a large file.  Hope you enjoy your stroll the history.
I have scanned the bulletin when the new church building was dedicated on May 7, 10989 and is available on the link below.
The Nolachucky Baptist Association have occasionally held their Annual Meetings at Witt Baptist Church.  One of those meetings was held in 1928 and again in 1940.  Minutes for those meetings are interesting historical reading and are available on the two links below.