June 21, 2024
News from Witt Baptist Church

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Sunday in Kenya

Sunday was a very full day. I left the apartment at 830 AM and got back at 8 PM.. One of my former students from Tanzania invited me to preach at the church he pastors. Chacha and his wife Mary are dear friends. We had Sunday school and them the service. I began preaching at 1 PM. The attached photo is of a special prayer time for a family whose baby died during the night. After the service, we went to the family’s home and had a special prayer time with them. We also took an offering that the church had collected. Chacha was then kind enough to take me to the store so I could buy some things in needed. Today on Monday in class the rain was so loud on the roff it was hard to make myself heard. We had special prayer for one of the students whose brother had died.

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