May 28, 2024

News from Witt Baptist Church

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Witt Baptist Annual Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg hunt will be Wednesday March 27. 6 PM until 7:30 PM. A light meal will be provided and a devotional focused on Jesus will be presented.

Heading Home

After three security checks and checking in Gate 23 is my departure gate! We start boarding about 2:40 Eastern time. The principle Dean and one of the teachers came to […]

Working with their hands

Everywhere I walk, I see people working with their hands doing tasks we normally have machines for. Early this morning someone was washing their cloths. The temperature was about 60. […]

Principal’s Lunch

Today, we had the “Principal’s Lunch”. All students, teaches and staff came together for a special celebration marking the coming end of this month’s classes on Friday. Everyone enjoyed the […]

The Avocado Tree

I have attached a picture of a young Avocado tree. It’s supposed to begin bearing well by next year. I am very impressed with the school administration and the decisions […]

Pastor’s New Buddies

Yesterday and today were busy but good days. Yesterday I preached at a church that was started by Southern Baptist missionaries. Bod and Linda Allen. Bob and I became good […]

Morning Hike

I woke early even though I had not set my alarm because I had no classes today. The sun was bright and it a beautiful morning, so I took a […]