July 24, 2024


Cultural Parables

Today’s classes were about how Jesus used parables to teach. I asked the students to write a parable based in their own culture. They had so much fun telling and […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Kenya

I taught all day today (it’s not a holiday here). However, I and my students want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

The Library

The students here have a great opportunity to read and study in the school’s library. Most of the do not have enough money to buy textbooks, however the school keeps […]

The smile.

Today’s classes went well. I enjoy my daily walks and today this little fella left his mother’s side and came to shake my hand. His smile is infectious!

Sunday in Kenya

Sunday was a very full day. I left the apartment at 830 AM and got back at 8 PM.. One of my former students from Tanzania invited me to preach […]

A day without classes

I have had a more relaxing day as I had no classes. I slept a little later and went on long exploring walk in the local town next to the […]

Tea Fields

Today I watched about 30-40 ladies as they picked tea leaves. There are large fields of tea by the school. They pick it quickly and expertly, talking to one another […]

Student Presentation Day

Today here in Kenya was a day for students presentations. The first one was presented by Thoa Both. He is from the Sudan. His paretns died in the war there. […]

Ecclesiastes 3:11

Today in class was challenging at first. The rain was pouring down as I walked to class and the electricity was off due to some poles down due to the […]

Chalk Talk

Today’s picture if from my classroom. We were talking about how to be creative in teaching a Bible story. I told them about Chalk talks. They were fascinated. So a […]